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oh look. in a vain attempt to find anyone as everyone has the grass is greener elsewhere disease i have made an account in this place now.

LOVE ME i guess...
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Yeah, I got an account here to keep up with people who have left LJ. I just set up LJ crossposting, so that I post here and it shows up in both places, do all my usual friends-page reading on LJ, and created a filter here to see all the people who are not on LJ.
It's been working fairly well so far.
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Under the 'Organize' menu on the main bar, click the first option: 'Manage Account'
You'll end up in your account manager, where there'll be a box with a bunch of tabs. The last one is called 'Other Sites', and gives you crossposting options. I think that's where that goes.
I've already got mine set up, so I don't see anything about adding a new account, but you might be able to.