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Like anyone gives a shit

they really do not

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Birthdate:Jan 26
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
I am the defender of the Obese. I am not whom i seem. i eat babies and grind the bones of my enemies for my stylish flat bread pizzas. i live in a bucket under a sink with only mold for houseplants and snails and silverfish for pets. I once hollowed out a Woolly mammoth for my house. I have 17 legs. puddles are actually made of illusion and gravity sauce spiced with dung beetle dung. I am the illicit love child of lady Godiva and Emperor Norton. Time is not linear and neither am i. I helped found the People for Ethical Treatment of Plants. Broccoli is murder and Beansprouts are Auschwitz on a plate. The Lorax speaks for the trees but no one speaks for the peas. save an ecosystem eat your neighbor. That really is the ocean when you listen in the shell. Not air passing through. Science just wants to keep all the little oceans for itself. tobacco is a holy herb that carries prayers to God but after listening to all the petty bullshit people think of and all the stress people smoke away with cigarettes he has turned off the answering machine. it is all your fault. PANCAKES! PAAANCAAKES!!! nom! In star trek holograms are made of solid light. Light is made of photons. Photons also make up Electrons and protons and neutrons. these particles make atoms. Atoms make molecules. Molecules and atoms make up everything. Therefore everything is a Solid Light Hologram. end program!

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3e d&d, aboriginal cultures, ad&d, air, alchemy, alternative energy, alternative medicine, ancient technology, animals, animation, anime, anthroherps, anthropomorphics, art, art history, artists, artwork, astrology, astronomy, being creative, bluefeather, book of shadows, books, camping, candle making, candles, cats, cave paintings, chaos, cheese, china, chinese alchemy, comic books, cooking, costumes, crafts, crystals, cthulhu mythos, culture, d&d, daggers, demons, dice, discordianism, divination, dragons, drawing, dreams, dungeons and dragons, earthships, environmental issues, erisian, erotica, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, feline, fengshui, final fantasy, fleetwood mac, fortean things, fortune telling, friends, fur, furries, furry, furry art, furry artists, furry artwork, gaia, gaming, garage sales, garb, gemology, goddesses, gods, h.p. lovecraft, haiku, herbalism, herps, hieroglyphics, i ching, interior decorating, inventing, invertabrates, japanese, jewlery, kittens, learning, legends, love, magick, magik, making things, martial arts, meditation, minerals, monsters, movies, mp3s, music, mythical creatures, mythology, nature, occult, oddities, orient, other languages, paganism, pennsic, philosophy, photography, plants, playstation, reading, religion, reptiles, roleplaying, rpg's, runes, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, sea slugs, shamanism, spiritual, spiritual nature, survival, sushi, swiming, swimming, sword fighting, swords, taoism, tarot, techno, tessei, thought, totem spirits, vampires, vcl, walking (when i can), weapons, weirdness, wicca, witchcraft, world domination, x-men
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