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Sep. 21st, 2017 01:16 am
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I've been keeping up with my journals from five years ago, but I've realized I'm going through a lot of memories about 2007, which was ten years ago. It was only suitable, then, that I should dig through my archives for a copy of my 2007 posts. Wow, my writing style has changed. If you'd call that a style, I mean. I don't know if I was just sort of half-referencing things, or if it was a function of having three or four different groups of friends. I think I'm generally freer about things now, though I still just don't mention things that I don't want to take time to explain.

I'm probably also a lot better at codifying my thoughts into a more-universal communication! Maybe in ten years I'll wonder why the heck I wrote that sentence the way I did.

Anyway, I probably won't keep up with it the way I've been keeping up with my five-year-old journals. Lots of fluff and minutiae, and I could tell it's not where I 'was' like with the more recent stuff. That stuff, meanwhile, is kind of where I was supposed to be before time passed me by. Reading it is, in part, an effort to reclaim the crumbs that fell from my memory throughout the journey.


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